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Programming languages

With our vast experience in different programming languages, we can develop highly tailored custom applications including server-end software, enterprise software, databases, content management software, and more.  

Dibutech relies on multiple languages including C#, Typescript, JavaScript, SQL, DAX, and MDX as they enable agile, quick, and reliable development of a wide range of software. From C++ application development to SQL databases, we can provide any solution you are looking for.


Web application frameworks

Web framework, also known as web application framework (WAF), provides developers with an architecture that can be used to create a diverse range of web apps including APIs, web resources, and web services. WAF offers a standardized process to develop and deploy applications on the web.  

At Dibutech, we use ASP.NET Web API along with Angular as they allow our development team to build secure, lean, and fast web experiences across a multitude of industries.


Database management systems

With a database management system, businesses can store, categorize, process, and evaluate large volumes of qualitative and quantitative data toensure high-performance decision-making across all departments.  

Dibutech leverages the powerful features of MS SQL Server including Data Engine, SSAS, SSIS, and SSRS to create and deploy highly secure and robust data management systems that empower businesses to manage all types of data and information within different teams and environments.

MS SQL Server

Cloud computing platforms

A suite of cloud services that's used to manage a server on an internet-oriented data center is referred to as a cloud computing platform. It gives businesses the versatility to select tailor-made solutions that are highly scalable and far more affordable than on-premise infrastructure.  

As a seasoned back end development company, Dibutech relies on Microsoft Azure to build fast, cost-efficient, and secure cloud solutions along with interactive data visualization using Power BI.

MS Azure
Power BI

Visual Studio team services

Visual Studio Team Services or VSTS is a cloud-based service offered by Microsoft that empowers teams to manage software development projects in an efficient and agile manner.  

At Dibutech, we put our trust in Azure DevOps as it isn't only platform-agnostic but delivers high-end reliability, flexibility, and quick updates to new features. With Azure DevOps deployment, you can streamline your development process to bring operational as well as financial efficiencies.

Azure Devops

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