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Web system for fiduciary business

Web-based fiduciary reporting system developed for fiduciary companies.
Automated documentation and reporting system, a scalable solution that introduced cost-efficiency, operational excellence, and meticulous functionality.

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Fiduciary reporting automation tool interface in a laptop mockup

All-in-one cloud-based practice management solution

A smart medical platform aiming to bring efficiency to routine tasks for clinics, private practices, and medical centers through substantial time-saving. We built a diverse range of technical modules including registration and payment to bring the software to life.‍

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Software to consolidate hosting quality stats

A web-based platform to host quality ratings based on research, analysis, and experience to provide updated and objective feedback. Our development team created a system that was capable of selecting certain servers that need to be pinged by the corresponding providers and prepared a statistical summary of parameters.

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Hosting ranking solution interface for desktop in a laptop mockup

Web system for real-time care of a supported person

Web system for real-time care enables seamless two-way communication for safe and independent living of supported persons. The system provides the ability to ensure the highest level of audio and video content flow with the option to store files in client's internal storage.

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Web system for real-time care interface in a laptop mockup

Functional UI/UX design for a marketing solution

Capable UI/UX design for ABM marketing solution and personalized content. Design features focus to be user-friendly and functional.

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Marketing tool interface in a laptop mockup

Control software to manage engraving

Control software to manage a wide variety of commands and enable different parameter settings allowing user-friendly computerized engraving.

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Engraving drivers website page in a laptop mockup

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