Control software to manage engraving

Established in 1998, Condor Graphics Technologies aims to make computerized engraving more accessible and affordable. The company brings ready-to-use professional tools along with custom development for plotter solutions, ERP, CRM, localization, and vector as well as raster graphics utilities.

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Project time


Technologies and tools

C++, Windows XP, MFC,
Unidrv, Vista.

Expectations & requirements

Condor Graphics requested us to create software for engravers featuring manual mode.

In order to stay competitive, it was critical for Condor to develop software for mechanically-controlled engraving machines that allows them to challenge and rivallaser engraving machines along with their software.


Our team developed a fully functional control software to enable engraving in automatic mode for manually-controlled devices made by a variety of OEMs. The engraving device works with a controller while the software carries out controller management by sending different types of commands and offering parameter settings to install.

There are two components of the solution:

Control device

A combination of carriage and pen with the ability to move around the pattern matrix using a miniature motor. The device is controlled through a dedicated program comprising a set of commands, for instance, moving the pen from point A to point B. The set of commands is summarized in the control unit with the engraving machine being operated using the controller.

Printer driver

We also developed a printer driver for Windows which enables the client to print drawings, inscriptions, and texts on a blank to facilitate engraving. Every image is converted into a vector resolution when printing. The driver can also be used to adjust a number of parameters including cutter speed and depth. Once the settings are complete, they are automatically transferred to the controller for execution.


Desktop application

We created a desktop application or driver to enable selected device models made by certain manufacturers to engrave with a set of commands while taking the specifications of each controller into consideration.

Printer driver software

The printer driver software contained a set of commands in the configuration file for each particular controller. The software allows the client to adjust configurations of engraving machines manufactured by different OEMs along with a multitude of devices and sets of commands.

Enhanced competitiveness

With our controller software, we empowered Condor Graphics to compete with the latest laser engraving machines while retaining the benefits of manually controlled equipment. This has positioned the client to offer a versatile range of services to the target audience.

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Control software to manage engraving

Control software to manage a wide variety of commands and enable different parameter settings allowing user-friendly computerized engraving.

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Engraving drivers website page in a laptop mockup
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