All-in-one cloud-based practice management solution

A completely functional healthcare enterprise software along with a broad variety of additional features.

Project time

2018 – ongoing

Technologies and tools

.NET, .NET5, Angular, SQL server, JavaScript, C#

Expectations & requirements

The customer team were in search of a development company that's capable of designing, engineering, and creating a seamless Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

The primary goals of the software were:

Functionality & efficiency

Enhance the functionality and efficiency of the platform for the clients


Attract a wide audience to bring more medical practices and healthcare institutions on board.


Our specialists drew out a technological plan based on the communication to create a comprehensive and scalable online system that achieves the following goals.

Billing software

The first target for the team was to develop a billing software from scratch and natively integrate it with other modules of the system for seamless and secure operation.

Eligibility evaluation & claim submission

The all-in-one EHR software also included automated eligibility assessment and evaluation along with electronic claim submission to deliver a user-friendly and intuitive experience to the clients' patients.

API integration

In order for the EHR system to work with different modules and software programs, multiple authorized APIs were integrated.

E-prescription integration

Another logical feature that was suggested to be added was the e-prescription system that facilitates both the client and their patients.

Advanced analytics

Our experts also recommended the team add an advanced analytics module powered by Microsoft Power BI for visual reporting and analytics.

FHIR compliant EHR

The EHR system was created to be in complete compliance with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) which outlines the standards for the exchange of healthcare information between different online systems.

Support for multiple payment systems

Support for a number of payment systems was added including integration with Global Payments as well as 360 Payments.


The development of the EHR system led to numerous successful outcomes for the customer.
Some of the most noteworthy results include the following.

Practice management

This enabled clients to use a set of tools to oversee the whole patient visit and automate time-consuming procedures like filling out medical permission paperwork to increase productivity.

Electronic Health Record (EHR)

The system helped clients to reduce time consumption and mistakes attempting filling the forms. Now clients update their Electronic Health Records with a few clicks.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Customer clients were in a position to maintain a steady flow of funds. They can send out treatment quotations by filling in the form and have the ability to identify and handle insurance claims, payments quickly and easily.

Analytics & reports

This gave the clients the opportunity to use real-time data to make business decisions. They also have access to detailed reporting, charts, and analytics which can help them unlock the full potential of their business.


With a built-in marketing module, medical practices increased lead generation and patient engagement. Also they disseminated information about goods and services to patients and the general public through seasonal promotions and announcements.

Patient portal

All of a patient's treatment information is available online 24/7. The clients are able to communicate directly with their service provider, settle outstanding bills, purchase items, and take advantage of promotional offers.

Next project

Software to consolidate hosting quality stats

A web-based platform to host quality ratings based on research, analysis, and experience to provide updated and objective feedback. Our development team created a system that was capable of selecting certain servers that need to be pinged by the corresponding providers and prepared a statistical summary of parameters.

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