Software to consolidate hosting quality stats

Web hosting quality rating service that assigns ranks to over 300 shared web hosting providers based on a multitude of parameters including response time, uptime, support quality, and other features.

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Project time

2018 – ongoing

Technologies and tools

.NET Framework 4.7.X (C#), EF Core, Azure Functions, Azure SQL, Azure Storage, Azure Application Insights

Expectations & requirements

Major challenges for HRank were to accumulate statistical data for hosting providers and have a quantitative ranking system based on that data. To accomplish this, multiple attempts were made by numerous software agencies to develop a solution that can ping sites but all of them failed eventually.

The key deliverables for us included the following:

Automated consolidation of stats

Engineer and develop a system for external statistics consolidation.

Service quality evaluation

Measure quality of service based on statistical data from hosting providers.

Multi-parameter dependent access

The developed system should take multiple parameters into consideration such as server accessibility and time to acquire access.


The development team leveraged their experience and skills to pitch in and execute the idea to perfection.

Statistics consolidation

The developed system has a built-in mechanism to acquire information related to different parameters from each hosting provider and then consolidate it into statistical data.

Report submission

Once the statistics are consolidated, automated reports are generated that have been especially optimized for providing at the websites.

Updating domain database

Our team was successful in developing a mechanism that updates the data base of domains, host servers, and name servers with a pre-specified frequency. It also distributed servers and defined the relation with the domains.


Web system features a set of predefined rules that determines an automated selection of servers that are pinged in accordance with corresponding hosting service providers. The pings generate statistical summaries for certain parameters which our rating system takes into consideration to rank a hosting provider.

Scalable solution

Our development team relied on Azure Functional application to design and create the complex web system which enabled it to be highly scalable. This means that HRank can expand the scope of its operations any time they want in a quick, affordable, and convenient manner.

Native API integration

The infrastructural app used to develop the solution communicates with the system on the API level which means that data could be loaded quickly without any hassles. It allows the web service to operate seamlessly every day of the week.

Broad technical scope & diversity

Since our web system was engineered from scratch, it has the capability of analyzing and evaluating over 300 web hosting services. It puts HRank in a commanding position to acquire and consolidate accurate and reliable data related to every hosting service's current and past performance.

Cloud-based deployment

We chose to deploy the solution using Microsoft Azure Cloud so HRank cannot only choose to enhance their business seamlessly but can also scale up or scale down the IT infrastructure and resources according to their evolving requirements.

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