Web system for real-time care of a supported person

SafeinHome is a US-based remote support service provider that integrates a diverse range of technologies and sensors to deliver enhanced accuracy and real-time 24-hour response. The company builds person-centered solutions tailored for enabling the lifestyle of the person supported.

Web system for real-time care interface in a laptop mockup

Project time

2018 – ongoing

Technologies and tools

.NET, C#, WinForms 2.0,

Expectations & requirements

The client owned offices and call centers but didn't have any remote monitoring system, which forced it to hire third parties that deliver remote systems for audio and video streams. This resulted in a substantial increase in cost which meant higher service charges for customers

To overcome these issues, SafeinHome wanted us to deliver on the following:

In-house infrastructure based communication

The client's priority was to develop a web system that allows them to carry out audio and video communication relying on their native infrastructure without any involvement of third-party service providers.

Secure audio & video data storage

The system developed by us should've been able to store audio and video files in a safe and secure manner for a specific duration.

Remote supervision with two-way communication

Apart from ensuring access to video and audio streams to supervise a person supported remotely, the client wanted us to build a system that provides high-quality two-way communication.

Enable remote conversation

The system was required to give call center representatives the ability to engage in a conversation with the person being supported remotely.


We developed a proprietary web system that was implemented using WinForms which ensured seamless integration with the client's existing technology stack. Some of the key goals and objectives we achieved included the following:

Drafting & deploying SOPs

Development and implementation of certain rules for client's VPN servers along with the ability to log in to save information in a manner that it's completely insulated from outside interference.

Quick & easily scalable

Built-in scalability so the system can be easily customized based on client's request and new expectations and requirements.

Enhanced security

Guaranteed protection of all the recorded information, with the operator having the authority to watch and rewind saved videos.

Real-time client interaction

The ability for operators to view video streams in real-time, enabling them to interact with the person being supervised.

24/7 viewable video streams

The option to display video streams from multiple cameras individually or collectively at once from different locations in the house.

Enhanced competitiveness

Dibutech uses mathematical methods for data processing, best practises for data visualisation and statistical approach to model and predict possible outcome.

Client admin app

The team also developed an application for client’s administrators and DevOps allowing them to insert information and retrieve information on server load with cameras. This helped to reduce financial expenditure while maintaining the primary developed system.


New web system with the ability to ensure the highest level of audio and video content for real-time care enables seamless two-way communication for safe and independent living of supported persons.

Enhanced two-way communication

Our solution resulted in a new web system that ensured proper quality two-way communication and delivered round-the-clock the highest level of audio and video content flow remotely.

Secure file storage

The system has built-in functionality to securely store audio and video files in the client's internal storage.

Price reduction

While we were successful in ensuring improved service quality, reliance on in-house infrastructure meant that our client was able to reduce the price for their customers.

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